domingo, 25 de diciembre de 2011

A new form of effective psychological health

aMind terapia internet, develops technical innovations in psychotherapy.

We offer effective psychological health care based on cognitive behavioural therapy, easily accessible through an interactive web application.

Amind is a project initiated in Spain with a global approach. The company consists of a multinational and interdisciplinary team based in two continents with many years of working experience within our fields of expertise. We are cooperating with the Swedish company Livanda AB, with many years of experience in developing Internet Therapy applications.

A Mind offers a new form of effective psychological health care that are easily accessible through an interactive web application. The programs are based on cognitive behavioural therapy and can either be used for self studies or combined with the support of an accredited therapist. 

The service is aimed at the Spanish speaking population in South and North America and Spain.

The effectiveness of cognitive behavioural therapy online programs has been demonstrated by dozens of controlled studies and it allows the public or private health care sector to reach a greater number of people with psychological treatments of proven effectiveness at a lower cost since it does not require the presence of a therapist at all times.

Online therapy programs offer a unique opportunity to provide mental health treatment based on evidence to broad segments of the population with services deficit, at a low cost.

It is available for persons who for physical disabilities or other medical complications can’t attend traditional psychotherapy. It allows health care professionals to provide psychological help to people in rural areas and to persons who normally avoid treatment for fear or stigma.

We hold the exclusive right to distribute and sell the programs in Spanish in any market world wide.

The team behind aMind

Johanna Viklund

Economist with 10 year’s experience of managing people and projects.

Jorge Orrego Bravo

Professional with extensive experience in psychotherapeutic care of people with behavioural and emotional disorders.
In recent years I have specialized in the study of attention deficit disorder in adults (ADHD) and founded an organization for research and treatment of disorders dictate. Constantly performed, workshops, trainings and seminars I teach professionals interested in learning and specialize in the application of new techniques aimed at caring for patients with ADHD. Currently doing a PhD study at the University of Barcelona, on the implementation of online therapy.

Carolina Díaz

Chilean psychologist with over ten years’ experience of designing and managing psychosocial and mental health project in government agencies and ONG's, both in Chile and Spain.
Running a private psychology practice as well as working with online therapy.

Active participation in professional and business networks, both locally and internationally.

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