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Amind can now offer the first computer assisted CBT program on the Spanish speaking market

My name is Johanna and I’m co-founder and CEO of Amind - we develop computer assisted cognitive behavioral program.

My co-founder Jorge Orrego Bravo is PhD in Clinical Psychology and well known expert and coach on ADD, he’s published two books on coaching based on CBT and together we founded an online coaching clinic in 2004, with clients all over the world.

Today I want to talk to you about a common problem...

Chest pain, problems to breath, heart palpitation, numbness, and the fear of losing control…   These are all symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks, they are terrible for the persons affected and they are also very common. In fact, one in every five is affected at some time in their lives.

The symptoms are extremely invalidating for the person affected and can keep them from living a normal life, some people even end up in the hospital ER.

However there is a well established, non-pharmacological treatment, based on evidence and with proven effectiveness - the cognitive behavioral therapy. Shortly, it can be explained as a progressive training to lose the fear of your body’s natural reactions.

But not all people have access to this treatment. Collapsed healthcare systems that can’t meet the demand, stigma and discrimination when it comes to mental health problems, high cost, lack of trained professionals etc
As a solution to this problem the computer assisted cognitive behavioral therapy has been growing exponentially for the last 10 years in the UK, Sweden, Holland and Australia

The computer assisted CBT is an interactive program that uses the same protocols as the face to face therapy and it can respond to the users particular circumstances, or problem. It counts with the support of an accredited and experienced therapist via email or phone, but it involves a lot less therapist time as the program gives the structure and content.

Computerized CBT has been shown to be e very effective treatment. There are evidence that shows that the results are just as good as traditional face to face CBT.

It is being recommended in the clinical guidelines of NICE and the Swedish board of health as a first choice treatment for anxiety and depression in the public health care.

Amind can now offer the first computer assisted CBT program on the Spanish speaking market, ActivCalm for managing problems related to anxiety and agoraphobia.

It is a program with information and exercises that the person access from home at any time. It is structured in 8 modules to be worked in 12 week and monitored by a therapist. Due to no real time interaction with the users we can attend people all over Latinamerica and Spain. 

The global anxiety disorder market alone is estimated at $3700 m and a growth rate at 6,3% per year.

Ansiedad is the second most searched word related to health in google.
From the end of July the anxiety program will be available to buy on our site and during 2012 we will launch two more programs, for stress management and insomnia.

Our clients are private customers, health professionals and organizations.

We have a pilot working in Spain since 6 month.

We have singed and partnership agreement with two organizations in Chile
And we are conducting research in collaboration with universities in Spain and Chile

Our professional team consists of myself with a background in project and team management and Jorge and Carolina, two excellent psychologists. We also count with experienced scientific advisors.


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